A few words about us

Celebrating nearly 25 years of trust, respect, and leadership

Officially organized as an Illinois corporation in 1988, Sperry Van Ness / Ramshaw Real Estate has become one of Champaign-Urbana's leading real estate acquisitions, sales, management, and development firms. The company started at College Corner Mall at the corner of Fourth and Green, then moved to 1402 South Neil, and finally settled in at Illini Plaza, 1817 South Neil, Champaign. In May of 2011, the team moved to it's new location at 505 W. University Ave. in Champaign. 

The energy behind Ramshaw's dynamic growth from a 40-apartment management operation to a full-service leader in the local real estate market has come from many sources. One of these is the company's commitment to integrity, quality, and excellence. Another is the continued dedication to the interests of owners, investors, customers, and clients. But as many milestones as Ramshaw has celebrated—transactions completed, leases signed, final nails hammered—it's the people behind Ramshaw's success that have made it the special company it is today. 

"If you are going to succeed, you must have a solid foundation of people," Jerry Ramshaw said. "We have been very fortunate that our core group of people have grown with our company and truly enjoy working with each other. We've experienced very little staff turnover, which helps a great deal when it comes to efficiency, continuity, and productivity." 

More than half of Ramshaw's employees have been with the company since the '80s or '90s. SVN / Ramshaw's seasoned team have provided incredible stability for the company, with managing partner Alex Ruggieri serving as Senior Investment Advisor, John Carson managing brokerage services and Cindy Miller-Lay overseeing property management and maintenance.