Commercial Management Services

Today, property managers must have the knowledge, communication skills, and technical expertise needed to be dynamic decision makers.

They may be called on to act as market analysts, advertising executives, salespeople, accountants, diplomats or even maintenance engineers. Interpersonal skills are needed to deal effectively with owners, prospects, tenants, employees, outside contractors, and others in the real estate business.

From John Carson to Jerry Ramshaw, Ramshaw's commercial management team is one of the most qualified property management groups in downstate Illinois, bringing expertise in each of these areas:

  • Planning & budgeting
  • Advertising
  • Tenant screening
  • Negotiating leases
  • Collecting rent
  • Preparing and supervising capital projects
  • Maintaining the premises
  • Supervising security
  • Bidding and oversight of vendor services
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Making periodic reports to the property owner
  • Provide sales and leasing brokerage services as needed
  • Asset recovery

Ramshaw believes a property management team's goals are:

  1. To achieve the owner's objectives;
  2. To generate income for the owners; and
  3. To preserve the property's value.

In other words, Ramshaw attempts to generate the greatest possible net income for the owners of an investment property over that property's useful life. It is a common misconception that a property manager need only collect rents, show available space, and execute leases. In reality, the property manager's job is far more demanding and takes a high level of knowledge and experience. Ramshaw's team can bring these qualities to your property. 

John Carson is Ramshaw's main contact for property owners interested in hearing more about the firm's management services. He can be reached at 359-6400 or by emailing